Windows Genuine Advantage suffers worldwide outage, problems galore

“Microsoft is working on the problem, and is telling users who are affect that they should “try again” later, with some support techs telling readers that Microsoft is aiming to have a fix in place by Monday, August 28th.”

Nice read. The gist of it is that Microsoft does this WGA thing because it’s trying to evaluate its software to see if it’s genuine or not. If proven otherwise, Microsoft basically pulls the plug on the software from accessing the Internet updates at Windows Update and etc. There have been many bypasses to this, but this does not concern those who bypass it. This concerns honest people, people who have paid hundreds of dollars for their version of Windows to come pre-installed on a shiny, new PC.

“Update: Word from Microsoft is that this problem has been fixed, and all users affected should revisit the WGA site and re-validate. There’s no explanation as to why Microsoft was originally telling people to wait until Tuesday, but the good news is that the problem has been solved.” – Ars Technica

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