Walking Away From The Past Part #2: I Can’t Help It

You know me, Ole Miss, they call me Los
I’m the nigga that rep it up the most
The nigga that girls like to hug the most
The one who the haters really hate the most
The nigga that walk like he the most
That Good Fella swag from coast to coast
I can’t help it if I decide to boast
About my swag that people call me Los
I pledged I-Phi, and changed the game
Tried to make sure that Greeks ain’t the lames
When you say Iota you know my name
I changed greek life, yea it ain’t the same
iJig, yea GoodFella, smooth the swag
People step up to me and they just get mad
Cuz the real nigga double up, fuck the fags
Posted on the wall, ugly lookin sad
Cuz we do the moves better than them
Steppin it strong you know its them
Get the whole crowd jumpin at one step
Makin the lames think, “I ought to kill myself”
Cuz them GoodFellas always go all in
And they got a Greek rollin, we gonna fuckin win
I can’t help it if the shit roll like this
Guarantee any group can’t go harder than this
I can’t help it, not gonna help it, fuck that
I been straight go harder than the rest
I can’t help it if I go 100 hundred at all times
Homeboy I just try to be my best
Call a nigga Carlos, Los, Mr. I-Phi, or even Lo So
Haters know so, Haters act like ya know so….