Walking Away From The Past #7: No Mercy

I got no mercy for haters tryin to keep a man down
In his thoughts, I learned all what I was taught
I invented LosEvolution with God’s help and guidance
Straighten it out better than Tick do a hairline, it’s
A vision, a purpose, a game, a goal
A revelation of my life, I preach it bold
Cuz I look at it as proclaiming my unstoppability
It ain’t nobody who can claim it without stoppin me
That’s right haters, I’m unstoppable, unshakable
Relentless, persistent, just say I’m unbreakable
I’m the franchise player, nigga call me mayor
Ya girl got my number on speed dial for any favor
So know me, Los, Maury, Iota, the Good Fella
Ask my girl, she’ll tell ya, “Ain’t no body better”
No mercy for the haters, the perpetrators
Look at part 5, homie, I said, “See ya Ass Later