Valentine’s Day – The Day After

Now that the big 2 are done (Christmas & Valentine’s Day), let us see how people act towards one another.

  • Will the gifts of appreciation be just that….gifts?
  • Will the thought of appreciating someone fade away into a, “I got you this, I did this, I did that” scenario?
  • Will those who got gifts actually cherish the thought instead of the gift itself?

Personally most of my things are on the thought. To be real, people really are not obligated to do anything since the thought should be the essential thing. If it is completely materialistic, then something really needs to be evaluated. There are 365/366 days in the year. Analyze yourself if you believe that anything should be validated based on 2 days.


If you have a valentine or special someone, how about being a small Cupid to those who do not. Trust me, they will appreciate the gesture.
If Christmas comes easy for you, play Santa for someone less fortunate.

Remember, there was a time where the things we have in this world were hard to come by.

What is easy for one is not easy for all. -L.E.