The Secret of Beast Mode

Music is my outlet, writing is my passion
Success is my motivation, grinding till I get my mansion
I remember ya homie, I remember how I felt
When I looked in the mirror and didn’t see myself
I saw a mere shell of who I used to be
Genius to a fault, humble, but hard as a G
Then I had an epiphany, 2010 was gonna be me
I then began to change myself into what I wanted to be
I got in the gym and this time, I didn’t play games
iPod in ear, balls to the wall, no time for the lames
Get ya weight up, 150 to 161 in just a month
Grinding harder than a hustler with a blunt
The secret of the beast is the off switch
I merely said, “I’m goin 100, nothin less *****”

Random words to my life in the weight room now. It has really become crazy!