The Scale of Happiness

I’ve grown a little happier over the years, but overall on a scale of 1-10, I still say I’m about a 4.

Those who know me can say I’m a very bitter, yet optimistic individual. I’m very cut-throat about logic, decisions, and people trying to screw others. Screw me once, shame on you, but I would be damned if there was a 2nd time. This was my policy, my attitude, and my style, especially when I started college. I didn’t want to deal with any type of pain again, so I put on this facade to be the happiest person, always joking, where on the inside, I felt terrible.

It wasn’t until recently that I regained my smile about my life. I just hope that people can smile along with me. If they  can’t, it is very unfortunate because if I can smile after anything I have been through over the past five years, I’m pretty sure anyone can smile.