The Mentality Of Greek Dance

Union Unplugged – Phi Nu Pi style – All D9 in This…

Strolling, dancing, hopping, whatever you want to call it….to some, it is merely show. Others, it is a serious matter. For me, well, it is a peaceful moment.


I take it as something that is bigger than myself. Because of this, I do it as if there are a million people behind me. There is never a half-assed stroll. However, I do adjust my intensity with the song. If it is somewhat competitive or a crowd, then the heat is on. Not because of what it is, but I believe in giving a show. If I stand by and watch people stroll, I expect them to give it 100%. That is why that I try my best to do the same.


My mind is actually at ease while doing this. There are a million things going on around me, but I can see them all. It is a happy feeling knowing that what I am doing is bigger than me.

Alone or Line

I have grown accustomed to both, which makes me somewhat a ‘King’ of it. Not my name, but I have been called multiple things when it came to hopping. As long as there is music, I can go and keep going.