Bout time I snap all the ****** strangs
About ****** time I let them know the game
I’m tired of feelin sad, tired of feelin mad
********** the past and everybody in it, I’m glad
Glad that I made a franchise, glad I’m still West Side
Glad Iota and $mooth $wag in it for the ride
Glad that God got me and I don’t need the haters
Chunk the deuces and the bird, homie see ya a** later
See ya a** later x9

Death to the n***a 98 to 2K8, about to set it straight before late
I’m gonna let it go, gonna let it fade
Not takin all the bulls*** to the grave
Back on the beat, let em know the flow
The story about how Maury let it all go
I started at 98 when n****s started talkin
Should’ve shot their a** right when they a** was walkin
99 kept it moving, I tried to start grooving
Should’ve got the inside shit right before moving
2K is about to get in it once again
Tried to let em know I wasn’t going again
01 I went ham and said I had enough
02 if you didn’t like me, yo a** was out of luck
03 I looked forward to all the ******g fakers
Cuz 04, I said, I’m done, see ya a** later”¦what!


I hope God forgive me for what was said
Honestly I don’t want anyone up & dead
My anger is my issue, Lord, my prayer is for help
I don’t wanna kill anyone, including myself
My fear is another story, I used to fear the world
Now I see it and some people, I really wanna hurl
I see everything they said, everything that they did
I then said to myself, “What the hell you doin kid?”,
Why you beatin yourself for **** in the past?
When you a real nigga and can tell it to kiss your ass?
Why you ******* cuz back then you couldn’t pull the girls
When right now, one line will get ya the whole world
Of chicks who wanna see a man goin the right direction
And some of em just get wet and jump on the erection
I pledge allegiance to the DILLI freakin GAF
To my past, Do I look like I give a f***?

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