This is exactly what I say it is….the final chapter. The end moment of LosEvolution and my ventures into adding beats to my words. After this one, I will only do this on occasion and refocus on my spoken word poetry. Loose Ends 5 addresses 4 with an ugly stick and says, “Bad boy.” The 5th and final chapter of Loose Ends is something larger than a final album…….In order to depict the story, I do not keep the filters on myself from the previous writings. Honestly, I don’t see any reason to keep the filters; therefore, all gloves are off.


“Once again, this is my venture into the realm of my mind where the past haunts me, where the pain cripples me, and where the tortures of my past come to greet me. I climb out of insecurity, pain, deceitfulness, dishonesty, and deception, hoping that those who appreciate the truth, appreciate me. If not, then I take the punishment for my sins and strive to move forward and become a better Los.

We all make mistakes,we make bad choices,
But to be real, I won’t listen to all the voices..
in my head telling me that I’ll lose, never will I win.
But believe me, with this is done, I will begin again”

– Carlos “LosEvolution” Maury

  1. Intro (Welcome to Real)
  2. One Life for Another
  3. Caerus – BITW #3
  4. The Maury Code
  5. Buried
  6. Welcome to the Real
  7. Head Hung Low (Spoken)
  8. 2 Verse – From Beginning to End
  9. Rage Freestyle
  10. Put it Behind Me #2
  11. The Note

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