Who is LosEvolution Part 4: The Gamer

Gaming is a passion. Simple and plain.

As a gamer, I am competitive, determined, and constantly seeking competition. A loss is annoying and irritating, especially when I feel that my all was given and I cannot observe how to adjust. It is a mindset of constant thought and trying to outthink myself.

I am not the best (though my tag is BITW), but I do compete, so look a guy up as LosEvolution on any major gaming platform.

Who is LosEvolution Part 3: Greek Life (What it Is)

Almost three years ago, Iota Phi Theta became a reality after being a dream. This was the moment where everything changed when it came to my life in the 5 principles: Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Fidelity, and Brotherhood.

Somehow people say going through the process of being greek drops the GPA. It enhanced me, brought everything in perspective. My academics were priority over my process because of two things: (1) If an organization places themselves above academics, it is counterproductive and (2) my academics follow my resume, life, career, and integrity.

Eyes are on you as a greek. Not in an aspiring kind of way either. It is a critiquing view. I live my life, critiquing it daily, whether I can make each moment, each time, and each opportunity better. I am inspired by the aspect of ‘own the room’, not to be arrogant, but to show confidence, courage, and even the aspect of ‘having a set.’ My name is on the line in everything I do and I treat it that way.

From this perspective, the friends I had when I went Greek…they’re my friends now. The crowd is my people, my family, my source to make sure that my display of my fraternity is accurate and entertaining. I remember standing around and watching Greeks stroll. I believe if someone takes the time to watch, I should ensure that it is worth watching.
On the sense of citizenship, respect for the other 8 organizations is deemed to be essential. I cannot speak strong and proud about my choice without expressing the respect that I have for someone else’s. To me, every Greek org is important. We are about scholarship and service…we have different colors and different ways in saying that is all.

Fidelity is to be admired, respected, practiced, and known throughout mankind. It is a philosophy I try to uphold as I deem myself a loyal individual.

There is probably not one person who knows me that can say that I am not a friend, associate, or confidant. I do not have an enemy in the world, and I want to keep it that way. I hated the time where I had enemies because it brought out the worst in me. The brotherhood concept not only applies to my frat, but it applies to everyone who would need a helping hand, a shoulder, bail money, shirt off my back…or the guy who is right beside you in the jail saying, “yeah, we messed up.”

All sarcasm aside, Iota Phi Theta has brought my life closer to full circle. It really set the stage for my life as LosEvolution. It is a life I cherish daily, as I know that I cannot get tomorrow back.

I represent loud to ensure that the whole world can hear..
I stroll so strong that people think it’s 100 Iotas here..
I chant so loud that it send down your spine fear..
I do what it takes to make a crowd cheer..
I entertain the crowd so they can cheer now and later..
For a different fraternity…my Iota Phi Theta.

Who is LosEvolution Part 2: Beginning of Being Positively Known

For 7 years, I developed a somewhat positive rapport with people in all walks. Shrouded in mystery and known for association and talents, I move forward and backward through the lives of others, being there when they need it and disappearing when they do not. It is not a way to be selfish, rather it is my way to get a moment to ‘woosah’ myself. I know how to appear and disappear at the same time, which is why I am known for my aspects instead of my personal life.

Before the reputation was built, I built myself physically and mentally. It is not everyday that someone can be classified as an intellectual and a gym rat. That means, I lift smart, not hard. Well, let me break it down: I push my limits, but I do it effectively. I know how it feels for training injuries and it is not a fun experience. (Knees and elbow are another story for another day)

Mentally, I excel in one aspect: Confidence. I stand for maintaining life in any way possible. I stand for morality in respect and realism. Never fake, and always greet someone with a smile, regardless of your own personal feeling. Sometimes, I believe that people are looking for someone who would show a genuine concern instead of a solemn, “How are you?” I try to remember how I saw a person last; this way, I have more to talk about and more to ask. My concern is a person’s welfare, whether they like me or not. It is not how many like you, it is actually the type of people who like you. I aimed for people who are trying to do the same thing I am doing: Achieve success.

Positively Known
I am known for my talents, personality, and greek association. Everything I do in life, I do it with pride and respect. To show that you care about the things you do and your appearance means that it will be positive, as long as you try. Some people, honestly, want to see that someone actually puts an effort.

Every day in life gets 100% of attention.
What percent do YOU give?

Positively known for always going 100.
What are YOU known for?

Part 3: Greek Life (What it Is). Stay tuned.

Who Is LosEvolution – The Series

To dissect life, you must dissect yourself.
To change your surroundings, you must change yourself.

“Who is LosEvolution” is a redefining moment in life. A redefining moment where every aspect is taken, analyzed, enhanced, and/or removed. My writing block/break/sabattical is done and the lyrical vantage point has truly come back to me after taking time away from it.

Loose Ends
Loose Ends Volume 1 was big, but Volume 2 is something that is being written to finally put a tight on it. I’ll leave it at that.

Who is LosEvolution Part 1: Intro

For the past 10 years, I’ve poured my heart and soul into making the man that people see. I took no shortcuts to get anything I got because LosEvolution is not a charity or desperate case. Everything I own, there’s blood, sweat, and tears. Every dollar is scratched and clawed for, every aspect of my reputation is fought for, and I’d be DAMNED if anyone says otherwise. The beginning of life is a point of pain, which brought clarity.

I am not the greatest or the perfect, model human.
I am a man who tries to get as close as possible to the only perfect being.