The Concept of µTorrent

The main question with µTorrent is how does….

The Answer
µTorrent is lightweight and designed to use the BitTorrent protocol which is used for distributing large amounts of data. Instead of one user sharing the information, multiple users share it. These people are called seeders. That makes the others downloading the file to be leechers (yes, Spell Checker, I am using it as a word today).

Users browse the web to find a torrent of interest, download it, and open it with a BitTorrent client. The client connects to the tracker(s) specified in the torrent file, from which it receives a list of peers currently transferring pieces of the file(s) specified in the torrent. The client connects to those peers to obtain the various pieces. If the swarm contains only the initial seeder, the client connects directly to it and begins to request pieces. – Wikipedia

Using a .torrent search in Google will being you results of sites such as PirateBay, Mininova, and isoHunt. These sites host the torrent files, but what is distributed with these files is up to the users. This way, a lot of legal issues are avoided, especially if copyrighted content is being distributed.

Big Picture
Large files + multiple distributers = µTorrent
That is the lesson of today, class.
“Hope you took great notes.” – Dr. Bart Garner

Twenty Three……Three Thoughts for a Clear Vision

Three Topics…

1st Topic: Happy Birthday and Removing Negativity
For me, a birthday is a new start. Whatever happened before 10:17am on June 18th no longer concerns me. Not putting it mildly, I honestly no longer care. All the worrying and emotional downsizing has done nothing but created a negative void. At one time, I felt as if the void would swallow me whole, without any remorse. The more I evolved, the more a light went off inside of my mind. I realized that I grew negative and I was sick of it.

2nd Topic: A Viper is Born
Something about this guy is insanity…the entrance music, the lights on the entrance, guess Orton found his mold…finally. Cutthroat, remorseless, snaps at a drop of a dime…a viper. Gotta love that entrance music.

3rd Topic: A Poem
Through darkness, there is light.
Regardless of how hard, always keep up the fight
Never letting your destiny out of sight
Never giving in to your fright
Always me, day and night
LosEvolution.com is me, it is my way
A way to articulate thoughts, a way to say
To say what’s on my mind, what I love and hate
I have a voice that has the knowledge, and the power to rule your fate

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, for a long time, I’ve felt myself going through life on the edge of a void where my light couldn’t escape. My consciousness always goes through the negative and positive thoughts, left and right sounding like interior voices. All of this led to nothing but negativity, and basically I’m at a point where I’m sick of it. I look at my birthday and I should be the happiest person alive, but all I can think about is past mistakes, life situations, and to the fact that for the past three years, I have been unable to share this day with my aunt like I used to. This is usually the reason I went into seclusion on this day because sometimes, it isn’t exactly a happy one. But I’m going to try to make this one happy. I’m also going to try to maintain a clear vision on my life.


Expanding from one word is more difficult than I thought. So I’m going to try it. Modesty is an aspect that shines through when I’m talking about aspects such as romance and when I’m dealing with a group of people. Sure it makes me nervous and a little shy, but it’s something that has to be done. Put me in a room with two people and watch me go, but stick 50 or more, it’s a popsicle in my direction.

from Wikipedia:

Standards of modesty[1] are aspects of the culture of a country or people, at a given point in time, and can include:

  • Avoiding attracting attention to oneself by moderating one’s actions or appearance;
  • Downplaying one’s accomplishments (see humility);
  • Avoiding false or sham modesty, which is a form of boasting through insincere self-abasement;
  • Avoiding the display of one’s body, sexuality and nudity in public.

Normally, I try not to draw much attention in my direction because I really don’t like it. I’m used to being reclusive and not in the spotlight. The only kick is that I find myself there a lot. This has helped to nullify my modesty to a certain extent, but I’m still modest in many areas and I keep that to code. It’s a part of me and I have to accept it.


Oldie but a good one, never posted here till today.

This whole thing that I do, this all-time focus, all-time gameface shit, it is one thing that I hold near and dear to my heart. That’s why I believe in it so much. Each and everyday I wake up, it’s time to put that gameface on. I was never the talk of the community, the talk of the school, never a standout guy. That’s good, because I do what I do anyway. People knew that I had the ability to be a success, the ability to be a great person, but there’s the personal issue, the doubt in your character, the one thing that will make you analyze your life and your persona.

To have the motivation is to have things that inspire you. Life will get you down, but if you dig deep and find that spirit, that thing that drives anyone: competition. That drives ANYONE, but what drives ME is my family and friends. The sacrifices they made is my focus. My other inspiration is John Cena. Though I know wrestling is scripted, Cena is the 1st wrestler that I’ve ever been fascinated with. It is something about him that basically draws me in, to the point that I find myself portraying him at times. “Never back down, never quit.” It is this attitude that I desire, the attitude to never back down from any type of competition or hardship. To meet EVERYTHING head on.

The changes I made over the years are changes that suit one person: ME. This fact has always been avoided, despite how much I hold others close to the heart. There’s a realization. No matter what happens, there’s always going to be that spark, that one drive, that one goal, that one focus. Not to be THE best, but to be MY best. Then once I see my best, I top it.

If I fail, it’s a big mark against me. This is one life that I will live to the best because it’s my one shot. I’ve been here a long time. I’m not a one-trick pony, if you think that, you sick. I’ve made a life out of proving others wrong. I can always add to the list.

I dwelled this post from this video. I’ll later post my new thoughts around 6ish.

Coach of Ole Miss Fired!

In light of the 2007 season, Coach Ed Orgeron was fired as of today, 11/24/07. A lot weighted in on his removal was the dwindling fan-base, the performance in yesterday’s game, and the overall performance of this season. According to the press conference at OlemissSports.com, Former Coach ‘O’ will draw a buyout of his contract until December 2009, amounting up to $900,000, which 75% of it will be paid. Pete Boone even said that pay overall has become “astronomical”.

Two weeks ago, the Director and Chancellor were well behind the head coach, but this support was null and void, especially with the overall performance and the performance at the LSU and MSU games.”We needed to change direction”, was one of the many things that Athletic Director Pete Boone said in the press conference concerning Orgeron.

Search for a new coach will commence immediately, but no potential candidate was mentioned at the conference.

Overall: 3-9
SEC Conference: 0-8

+ 75% of $900,000 = Bye Bye Coach “O” 76961218.jpg

IMAGES courtesy of Olemisssports and ViewIMAGES.com