Why Did I Become A Gamer Part II

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Current Abilities

I don’t consider myself one of the best in the world, but a lot of rankings show different, at least in North America. Making even top 1000 demonstrates miles of playing ability and potential. I’m found at the top of the fighting genre, middle of the FPS, and top 100 in the action/adventure realm. I’m more or less the casual/competitive instead of 100% competitive. It is probably because I do not spend hours upon hours practicing and dedicating my livelihood to it. It puts a hamper on talent, but my life is most important.

My limit is the sports genre though. If I could be as effective in Madden, etc as I am elsewhere, I would be a great all-around gamer. I’m close to being all-around, being proficient in every genre. Sports is my only limitation.



Greek Life: Is the Grass Truly Green on the Other Side?

Now that almost 2 years have passed since Iota Phi Theta came to the University of Mississippi, I remember once when a member of Kappa Alpha Psi said when it came to his Greek life: “The grass is green on the other side.”

The thing is that I came from a point where my grass was already green. My personal reputation was somewhat solid because of my talents and personality. I was one of the few who can go from suit to slacks to jeans, and have the same, yet different persona. With this ability, I had not only the respect of my peers, but of faculty and staff as well. It is not something I use as clout, but it is something that I cherish and respect. I believed my greek experience was going to be one and the same..or so I thought.

Greek life puts that green grass under a microscope so small, you can see the lines on it. I immediately made sure one sentiment was understood: I am still me!

A lot of people make this big deal about the letters. Yes, they are near and dear to my heart. Yes, I represent them with pride and respect. Yes, I struggle to uphold the principles daily; however, there is one code that stands above and beyond all of it: The word of God. HE is the cause of life and HE is the reason that I stand as a Greek.

My grass started green; now, it is greener than ever.