200lbs – New Plateau (Repost)

Once you get to a certain point, it’s all good from there on out. To bench 200lbs at least 5 times (damn that 5th one was hard), is a testament on how far this evolution is truly coming.
I really got serious with this one in like April and did a crapload of research on routines, supplements, and other things to improve the training.
The shots that I uploaded are just pics of me gaining results.

LosEvolution – Building it from the ground up.


Random Thoughts #2: Perfection and Extremity

Those are two aspects that seem good, but are very detrimental to success.

Perfection is not a concept that i take to the extreme….at least I don’t think. Anyway, I’m not the type of person that looks for a ‘what if’ when it comes to a lot of things. Basically, either it is or it isn’t. I don’t like the gray area because it has a complex perception. It feels slanted to me at times, so I’m basically doing one of the two: being under the scope or looking through it. I even went as far as to take a test online for perfection

“According to this test, you have some perfectionist tendencies that may be making you unnecessarily unhappy. You sometimes set high standards that are difficult to meet; either you impose those expectations on yourself, others, or a combination of the two. You may even think that others expect you to be perfect. While a desire to do your very best and strive to reach your full potential can bring you personal fulfillment, you have to learn when good is ‘good enough’. It’s important that you strengthen your ability to distinguish between reasonable aspirations and unrealistic demands. When you set unattainable objectives, you are being cruel to yourself and denying yourself the rewards and self-acceptance that you deserve.”

Well, that’s that about perfection. It’s not a good thing, though it provides drive and motivation. 100% is all that can be given. It may not be perfect but as long as the heart is in it, that’s all that matters

Extremity is a different story. Seriousness has evolved and dwelled in my life for a long time as I’m pretty much serious and tactful about a lot of things. I don’t do well in perception where I need to ‘take hints’ or ‘read between the lines’. This, again, goes back to a black and white approach.

This makes it somewhat logical and something that I have found myself dealing with for a very long time. It’s true that I’m not perfect, but failure was a test of character. I believe that when I met failure, I didn’t show true character. Instead of embracing it, I rejected it and continued to defeat myself with my mistakes. Now, I look at things from a light of clarity and closure. I put all animosity behind me, and even a lot of crap about my past, because honestly….I’m sick and tired of apologizing and trying to live despite my past. Sure, it seems clouded and tainted with thoughts of grandeur and a selfish aspiration of evolution. That’s then, and this is now. So, as these words evolve, so do my thoughts and ways of life are starting to evolve.

Improving One Step at a Time

Both of these, I did with Ja Rule’s song Down *** Chick beat. Lot of flows can be done without the beats, but I like putting a beat behind some of my words just to see if it works or not.

#1:The Roots – Legend is My Flow

Legend is my flow goes back to a little of the gangsta attitude I had in my younger days. Though it’s no longer a part of me, some of the characteristics remain. I was very cutthroat with people, so there’s still a lot of fire behind my words. A lot of strength was visible during this time of my life, but it really wasn’t inside of my heart, unlike now. Now I don’t profess my strength, but everyone knows that I’m strongwilled, I just don’t have to prove it as much.

#2: Los of Legend

This one is kinda interesting, it’s not like I’m rap battling, but it did turn into somewhat of a battle,as I was trying to outdo myself with each line, professing who and what I am. I’m improving in my writing and delivery, I just have to keep the words in memory. Once that happens, I could deliver spoken word, which is my goal.

Each one of these will be added to my Poetry page this weekend.