Happy Founders Day to Iota Phi Theta Fraternity

It has been an honor and a privilege to have carried this shield of Iota Phi Theta for nearly 4 years. Throughout my life, I have heard so much respect and disrespect when it came to my fraternity, and I constantly struggled with the personal evolution that was required to be a strong man for my organization An Iota Man NEVER stops growing, and our fraternity will continue to grow. I stand this day as an Iota, thanks to the 12 men, who decided, on the steps of Hurt Gymnasium at Morgan State, that Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Fidelity, and Brotherhood were 5 principles to uphold and cherish…that traditions needed to be built…that work needed to be done. It is because of these principles that I pledged. It is because of its uniqueness that I stand as an Iota man.

I do thank my 12 founders, who have paved the way for many Iota men to walk
Mad respect to the fools I had as prophytes.
Much love to 5 individuals I can call my brothers.
And a huge thanks to the two who continue the legacy at the University of Mississippi.

And last but not least, a humble thank you to all those who supported Iota Phi Theta. As our fraternity continues to grow, I pledge to myself to continue to grow as a man of God. Through him, I can improve in all aspects of my life.


49 years, we build traditions
49 years, we will never rest
49 years and counting
May God Bless

Happy Founders Day to Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

My Shield

copyright by Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.Since November 2008, I have carried a shield around. A shield that represents more than myself; rather, an organization. A fraternity…a brotherhood.

Iota Phi Theta means more to me than a multitude of things in life. Greek life does change you. For me, it became my shield and the fire that chiseled my being.


I would not generally describe myself as anything. I let everyone else bring the description according to my actions. The thing is that I never dictated them; rather, I was passive. It took a lot to have a more active, less passive persona. I always thought that if I was too active, I would hurt people’s feelings. The thing I learned is that those who truly support me will understand me. Others will move on with their lives. Why should I care to begin with?

So, I decided to let all the strings go and cut loose with life. I can care less about the past because no one in it cares about me. So, why spend my time having sincere compassion about a past that has forgotten about me. Perhaps it is time for me to forget about it.


The Law of The Jungle

“The biggest, baddest lion stays on top until a bigger, badder lion comes along and eats him.” – Triple H

The unbridled concept of staying on top, of staying ahead, of being better is one that always stays on my mind. No matter what, there is room for evolution, room for improving.

3 years ago, I remember when I started the idea of LosEvolution.
1 year ago, I remember when I pledged Iota Phi Theta.
And on December 31, 2009, I remember when I made the decision to shut up every negative thought that came to mind. That I was going to change everything there is about this game. Everything that could be different, I made up in my mind that it was going to be different.
To become different…one must change everything there is about him.

It is a hard that requires a lot of thought and garners a lot of opinion. What is yours?

Happy Thanksgiving from L.E.

After a lot of the bird, greens, peas, cake, pies, the whole nine yards, I got a second to sit and say what I am thankful for this year.

I’m thankful for this year being the rebirth of LosEvolution. A lot of people had a hand in it and I’m truly thankful for all of them. Honestly, it started when I pledged Iota Phi Theta and it continued from that point. Evolution is constant and I will never stop evolving. After today, I set new goals, new visions, and a new insight.

Where Inspiration Stays & Remains

Inspiration: Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

Inspiration is an aspect of life….an aspect to be motivated and driven from the inside. The inspiration of any person is the be the best that he or she can be. All I care about is being the absolute best, period. In my mind, LosEvolution is not a person or a site. It is a standard.

I look at accomplishments and my status and I realize….you know what, I am really doing well for myself. That is what Iota Phi Theta brings. It brings a new perspective to life and what it entails. It is not the lovey dovey lifestyle, but it can bring a smile to your face knowing that life is something that is to be worked at. Despite this aspect, it should not be treated as a chore. Rather, it should be an orange, squeezed until all the juice is gone.

I then look at failures and realize…I really have not failed if 100% was poured into it. I guess that is where my mother comes in. She always said, “Give your best and it works out in the end.”

Moral of the story: Life is about lessons. Learn and move forward and never look back. I am inspired by many and tons of doors have opened in life. I am glad I walked, ran, clawed, scratched, or even jumped through them. Are YOU?