iota phi theta

Happy Founders Day to Iota Phi Theta Fraternity

It has been an honor and a privilege to have carried this shield of Iota Phi Theta for nearly 4 years. Throughout my life, I have heard so much respect and disrespect when it came to my fraternity, and I constantly struggled with the personal evolution that was required to be a strong man for my organization An Iota Man NEVER stops growing, and our fraternity will continue to grow. I stand this day as an Iota, thanks to the 12 men, who decided, on the steps of Hurt Gymnasium at Morgan State, that Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Fidelity, and Brotherhood were 5 principles to uphold and cherish…that traditions needed to be built…that work needed to be done. It is because of these principles that I pledged. It is because of its uniqueness that I stand as an Iota man.

I do thank my 12 founders, who have paved the way for many Iota men to walk
Mad respect to the fools I had as prophytes.
Much love to 5 individuals I can call my brothers.
And a huge thanks to the two who continue the legacy at the University of Mississippi.

And last but not least, a humble thank you to all those who supported Iota Phi Theta. As our fraternity continues to grow, I pledge to myself to continue to grow as a man of God. Through him, I can improve in all aspects of my life.


49 years, we build traditions
49 years, we will never rest
49 years and counting
May God Bless

Happy Founders Day to Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

Who is LosEvolution Part 3: Greek Life (What it Is)

Almost three years ago, Iota Phi Theta became a reality after being a dream. This was the moment where everything changed when it came to my life in the 5 principles: Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Fidelity, and Brotherhood.

Somehow people say going through the process of being greek drops the GPA. It enhanced me, brought everything in perspective. My academics were priority over my process because of two things: (1) If an organization places themselves above academics, it is counterproductive and (2) my academics follow my resume, life, career, and integrity.

Eyes are on you as a greek. Not in an aspiring kind of way either. It is a critiquing view. I live my life, critiquing it daily, whether I can make each moment, each time, and each opportunity better. I am inspired by the aspect of ‘own the room’, not to be arrogant, but to show confidence, courage, and even the aspect of ‘having a set.’ My name is on the line in everything I do and I treat it that way.

From this perspective, the friends I had when I went Greek…they’re my friends now. The crowd is my people, my family, my source to make sure that my display of my fraternity is accurate and entertaining. I remember standing around and watching Greeks stroll. I believe if someone takes the time to watch, I should ensure that it is worth watching.
On the sense of citizenship, respect for the other 8 organizations is deemed to be essential. I cannot speak strong and proud about my choice without expressing the respect that I have for someone else’s. To me, every Greek org is important. We are about scholarship and service…we have different colors and different ways in saying that is all.

Fidelity is to be admired, respected, practiced, and known throughout mankind. It is a philosophy I try to uphold as I deem myself a loyal individual.

There is probably not one person who knows me that can say that I am not a friend, associate, or confidant. I do not have an enemy in the world, and I want to keep it that way. I hated the time where I had enemies because it brought out the worst in me. The brotherhood concept not only applies to my frat, but it applies to everyone who would need a helping hand, a shoulder, bail money, shirt off my back…or the guy who is right beside you in the jail saying, “yeah, we messed up.”

All sarcasm aside, Iota Phi Theta has brought my life closer to full circle. It really set the stage for my life as LosEvolution. It is a life I cherish daily, as I know that I cannot get tomorrow back.

I represent loud to ensure that the whole world can hear..
I stroll so strong that people think it’s 100 Iotas here..
I chant so loud that it send down your spine fear..
I do what it takes to make a crowd cheer..
I entertain the crowd so they can cheer now and later..
For a different fraternity…my Iota Phi Theta.

Greek Life: Is the Grass Truly Green on the Other Side?

Now that almost 2 years have passed since Iota Phi Theta came to the University of Mississippi, I remember once when a member of Kappa Alpha Psi said when it came to his Greek life: “The grass is green on the other side.”

The thing is that I came from a point where my grass was already green. My personal reputation was somewhat solid because of my talents and personality. I was one of the few who can go from suit to slacks to jeans, and have the same, yet different persona. With this ability, I had not only the respect of my peers, but of faculty and staff as well. It is not something I use as clout, but it is something that I cherish and respect. I believed my greek experience was going to be one and the same..or so I thought.

Greek life puts that green grass under a microscope so small, you can see the lines on it. I immediately made sure one sentiment was understood: I am still me!

A lot of people make this big deal about the letters. Yes, they are near and dear to my heart. Yes, I represent them with pride and respect. Yes, I struggle to uphold the principles daily; however, there is one code that stands above and beyond all of it: The word of God. HE is the cause of life and HE is the reason that I stand as a Greek.

My grass started green; now, it is greener than ever.


The Mentality Of Greek Dance

Union Unplugged – Phi Nu Pi style – All D9 in This…

Strolling, dancing, hopping, whatever you want to call it….to some, it is merely show. Others, it is a serious matter. For me, well, it is a peaceful moment.


I take it as something that is bigger than myself. Because of this, I do it as if there are a million people behind me. There is never a half-assed stroll. However, I do adjust my intensity with the song. If it is somewhat competitive or a crowd, then the heat is on. Not because of what it is, but I believe in giving a show. If I stand by and watch people stroll, I expect them to give it 100%. That is why that I try my best to do the same.


My mind is actually at ease while doing this. There are a million things going on around me, but I can see them all. It is a happy feeling knowing that what I am doing is bigger than me.

Alone or Line

I have grown accustomed to both, which makes me somewhat a ‘King’ of it. Not my name, but I have been called multiple things when it came to hopping. As long as there is music, I can go and keep going.