Site Updates

With the week or so away from the site, I managed to come up with a lot of ideas. Also, the mailing list will be reactivated this weekend. Each user will be weeded out and added onto that list, along with the spam users being deleted.

Upcoming Posts:

  • Don’t Know Freestyle (done to Turk – It’s In Me)
    This is me dictating what I know and don’t know, so expect something big.
  • The Sport (done to B.G. – I Know)
    A small freestyle about wrestling
  • Rebirth (done to Lil Wayne – I’m Me)
    The 3rd jewel to LosEvolution. It is a successor to the Los vs C-Los and the Renegade series
  • Blockin (done to last beat of Cash Money – Balla Blockin’)
    An aggressive push to emotion, one of the more vulgar posts.
  • Man, You Always Here
  • I Miss Los
  • Retreat to the Pro

After this, I’ll stick merely to poetry, tech updates, and finishing the 31 Days of LosEvolution series. Also, I’m bring the YouTube picks back because I see all the funny videos….

Stay Tuned…


Say No to Toolbars (Searchbars, Assistants, or Whatever They’re Called)


Honestly if your browser looks anything like ths one, it’s truly infested with spyware. Honestly, toolbars are really unnecessary, as the newest Internet Explorer integrates the search tool into its browser. Mozilla and Opera do the same thing, which can be downloaded by clicking here as well. Alexa, MySearch,, and even companies like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! offer toolbars. They are useless pieces of software which cripple the average browser, making it slow and unresponsive.

So what’s the moral??