Greek Life: Is the Grass Truly Green on the Other Side?

Now that almost 2 years have passed since Iota Phi Theta came to the University of Mississippi, I remember once when a member of Kappa Alpha Psi said when it came to his Greek life: “The grass is green on the other side.”

The thing is that I came from a point where my grass was already green. My personal reputation was somewhat solid because of my talents and personality. I was one of the few who can go from suit to slacks to jeans, and have the same, yet different persona. With this ability, I had not only the respect of my peers, but of faculty and staff as well. It is not something I use as clout, but it is something that I cherish and respect. I believed my greek experience was going to be one and the same..or so I thought.

Greek life puts that green grass under a microscope so small, you can see the lines on it. I immediately made sure one sentiment was understood: I am still me!

A lot of people make this big deal about the letters. Yes, they are near and dear to my heart. Yes, I represent them with pride and respect. Yes, I struggle to uphold the principles daily; however, there is one code that stands above and beyond all of it: The word of God. HE is the cause of life and HE is the reason that I stand as a Greek.

My grass started green; now, it is greener than ever.


My Shield

copyright by Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.Since November 2008, I have carried a shield around. A shield that represents more than myself; rather, an organization. A fraternity…a brotherhood.

Iota Phi Theta means more to me than a multitude of things in life. Greek life does change you. For me, it became my shield and the fire that chiseled my being.


I would not generally describe myself as anything. I let everyone else bring the description according to my actions. The thing is that I never dictated them; rather, I was passive. It took a lot to have a more active, less passive persona. I always thought that if I was too active, I would hurt people’s feelings. The thing I learned is that those who truly support me will understand me. Others will move on with their lives. Why should I care to begin with?

So, I decided to let all the strings go and cut loose with life. I can care less about the past because no one in it cares about me. So, why spend my time having sincere compassion about a past that has forgotten about me. Perhaps it is time for me to forget about it.