Where Inspiration Stays & Remains

Inspiration: Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

Inspiration is an aspect of life….an aspect to be motivated and driven from the inside. The inspiration of any person is the be the best that he or she can be. All I care about is being the absolute best, period. In my mind, LosEvolution is not a person or a site. It is a standard.

I look at accomplishments and my status and I realize….you know what, I am really doing well for myself. That is what Iota Phi Theta brings. It brings a new perspective to life and what it entails. It is not the lovey dovey lifestyle, but it can bring a smile to your face knowing that life is something that is to be worked at. Despite this aspect, it should not be treated as a chore. Rather, it should be an orange, squeezed until all the juice is gone.

I then look at failures and realize…I really have not failed if 100% was poured into it. I guess that is where my mother comes in. She always said, “Give your best and it works out in the end.”

Moral of the story: Life is about lessons. Learn and move forward and never look back. I am inspired by many and tons of doors have opened in life. I am glad I walked, ran, clawed, scratched, or even jumped through them. Are YOU?

The Rebirth of LosEvolution

The thing about me is that I’m always reinventing myself. I’m always changing, always evolving. Today marks another evolution. I let go of my past, and everything that has held me back from truly expressing who I am and what I do. It is a shame at how the number 23 creeps on me and I feel as if nothing has truly changed. To feel a solemn sense of failure is a feeling that I can no longer afford. Through these words, I speak myself back into my true existence. I speak my true self back to life after being dead for so long. I speak rebirth.

The Rebirth of LosEvoluton..

Gameface…..Act III

For the past 7 years, I have been on a mission to evolve myself into a better person in every aspect.

Well….here we go again with part three of the gameface post. Writer’s block allowed this to happen because I actually looked at the oldies and realize one concept: People knew that I had the ability to be a success, the ability to be a great person. There’s my personal issue, the doubt in character, the one thing that will force you analyze life instead of living it.

I consider it a blessing to have breath to be alive. It’s a thing that I have learned to cherish. I have learned to love myself and the life I lead. At one time”¦..I can say I thought that it was worthless until I realized something. Why wish for something that’s going to happen eventually? Death will come to us all, no point in rushing it.

I felt as if no matter how hard I tried or how hard I pushed that I was going to miss my mark, no matter what. So, I began shortchanging myself, setting smaller goals so they can be met. That was my biggest mistake…guess there’s a point where trying to have the gameface is pushed too far. What do YOU think?

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  • Don’t Know

    Honestly….I really don’t. Sometimes I question my direction in life, how I do things and other stuff as well. I’ve done a lot, reading, praying, conversing with similar people on my path, and sometimes I find it difficult on this road to discovering my own. Maybe I put too much on it. Maybe I’m putting too less on it, either way, I tire of feeling complacent and wandering around aimlessly. So, I need a target, and I’m gonna find one.

    What’s YOUR motivation?

    No One Before Her

    I am now beginning to mold myself in my life to the point where I do things correctly and the point where I can no longer say, “I should’ve listened to my mom.”, Translation, her teachings are mine, her morals are mine, and to me, she is the most important woman in my life.

    Ode to Mom…you are my morals, my logic, my heart, my thought patterns, my lessons learned, and the reason I am who I am. You always said you did your best. To me you are the best.