Stop Sleeping Today! Wake up Now and Ride that Wave!

Bet you’re awake now. No? Then how about WAKE THE **** UP!

I hope that is a wake-up call for anyone else in the world besides me. You can be asleep with your eyes open. I’m here to say ‘Wake Up!’

“The day you start taking responsibility for what happens to you is the same day that you will start controlling what happens to you.” – Grant Cardone, @grantcardone

That resonated today, for me. There are a lot of things in my life that I chalked up to circumstance, chalked up to outlying factors, outlying people, anything to shift that blame a little less than 100% on me. Today, it’s 100%. It’s my fault that I writer’s blocked myself for almost 3 months. I dreamt for years of putting some of these words in at least an eBook. Man, that book is so close to getting done, but today, it’s not done. By the way, LosEvolution – The Reset Button is hitting my online store on September 19th.

But honestly, every step and misstep came from my feet. Own the right step and cheers for that. Own the misstep and learn from that. Don’t be sad about it. Own that.

This is a journey for me now, not a blog. I’m going to say some things that motivate my drive and my ride. What I am doing is changing. What I am saying is changing. What I am feeling is changing. Simple. Change.

Ride with the wave. – LE

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