Letting Go…….

It’s hard to let go, to let the game fall off
Hard to set myself aside and not pull out a sawed off
Hard to see why I am so down and out and not so happy
Not asking for sympathy or trying to sound sappy

But I’m really at the end of the rope, losing stride, strength and hope
Spittin these words, flowing poetry about to choke
On my emotions and my tears, sitting and thinking
The ship I’ve been on these years is in danger of sinking

Instead of fixing the holes, I tried to patch it up
And the captain of the ship looked and said “That’s Enough”
So I look at the captain and ask him what needs to be done
He says, “Enough of making excuses, for you are the one

that knows what needs to be done and that’s true”
Now I let go of my life…thinking the captain would be to my side
Instead, he lent me his back, carrying me for the ride
My life now looks better, with the turn of the tide

Thanks to God, I am finally on the road to my place
In life, there’s a choice to make, a choice to love and hate
A choice for my own sake, a life I will not take
Time to be real, had enough of the fake

I accept who I am, and I let go of who I’m not
I let go of the peeps that make my blood boil hot
I let go of the emotion that I want to see my enemies rot
But I keep to my fam and Kru, who have taught me a lot

Letting Go…….
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