1. Fuck this shit!
  2. Little Huck about to be Snagga Huck now!
  3. When Huck says leave, haul ass! Quit acting white!
  4. Cyrus, how do you feel to be Mellie?
  5. I’m checking EVERYONE for little chips from now on!!!!
  6. People showing up after 22 years? RUN!
  7. Quinn….remember…let the blood clot.
  8. Harrison got hoes and the pimp is back in town!
  9. Where’s those presidential balls?!
  10. Use those toes, Quinn!!
  11. There are so many, “That’s what he said.” moments!
  12. Daniel Douglas, you like guys! Admit it!
  13. Little Liv loves that cereal!
  14. Rip a little, talk a little!
  15. Sally Langston, you are independently crazy!
  16. Langston/Grant….it’s about to go down!!!
  17. Quick and dirty….quicky!!
  18. 3 snaps for James…. Follow @_cdparker_
  19. Being a pimp, snapped photos! What’s next?! Sperm samples?!
  20. That Sally Langston weed gonna get plucked.
  21. Crying is against the rules!
  22. Lose teeth and get laid…that’s the rule?!
  23. Langston ain’t going….stone cold.
  24. Finally!!! She hugs her!
  25. Holy
  26. Mother
  27. Fucking
  28. Shit
  29. This
  30. Happened!