RIP Pontiac Grand Am – 2003-2009

For 6 long years, we rode up the road
Tore up the tread, in the heat or the cold
From Noxubee High, all the way to Ole Miss
Rolled to ATL in a flick of the wrist
Pushed to ya limits, with pavement to burn
If I knew this was gonna happen I would’ve made that left turn
Instead of going to make a turn at the next stop sign
Next thing I know…you got nailed from behind
Dented in the trunk, destroyed the taillights
A bad way to end a cold Monday Night
Now totaled and on the way to salvage you go
A stressful experience for me, now I finally show
That there is a lot more to me that misses the eye
RIP Grand Am, Ol’Red, hate to see ya die.