86 rolled around, lil child came in
Whipped him into shape, mom got me in
My zone to always up and use my mind
Dad nowhere to be found, came back to find
Me not giving a shit about what he said or did
Don’t need you now, but I needed you as a kid
But the sad thing homie, that another guy stepped up
Took your place, when he need not give a fuck
But he cared enough to keep me going,
Inspired my life constantly by showing
Kindness, compassion, respect, dedication
I pattern myself after you, my simulation
Thanks W.G. for teaching me that I can
Do what I please, but always be a man

But it didn’t help that I was so short and so frail
The kids in school really put me through hell
Because of my intellect, but I could not fight
So being a G was what I did to get right
In the face of my bullies, fought my respect
Made guap on the side, CDs I collect
The beats and music until it got late
Ended the career when I decided to graduate
College was now looming in the horizon
And the same bully that picked me got picked by them sirens
Cuz of petty assault, now he might got an ASSault
Hope you finally learn the lesson that needed to be taught

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