I shoot the ville the deuce, cuz it’s where it started
Put the spirit in my mind that I knew how to party
Bustin flips and a swaton, like Jeff Hardy
I let this flow rip, say a nigga farted
Tellin a story about a boy who was called smarty
But was not accepted by the haters so he parted
And he took his words and he said I’m audi!
So I took my mind and heart to the O
Where we party hard, sun up to the sun go
And run the town, what up, what’s fa-sho
That the haters still remained in this man’s flow
Now all I gotta do is let my beast mode show
Let the mind go, show em I’m not the joke
But the joke’s on you, the joke is your vision
Cuz you couldn’t win honorable mention in the Special Olympics

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