I shoot the deuces to the thoughts of suicide
Cuz when you look at it life is a real ride
No pessimism or sadness near my side
Cuz like the beach, I done hit high tide
Looking high and proud with him on my side
God looking at a brotha with his arms spread wide
Cuz he know I’m trying to ride a good ride
I guess the fight in me tired of the time bide
Cuz now I’m stronger, faster, I’m better than ever
I ain’t no 6 mil dollar man, but I ain’t a lil feather
I have the wisdom to keep movin without any regret
All of em had their shots, now haters deal wit reject
But I love all ya haters, but we all know what I do
I’ll deal with ya, but to my code I’ll stay true
I stay true to who I am and that’s trying to be decent
No time for the opposite and the non-recent
Cuz it’s past, I done moved on, don’t wanna leave em behind
But it’s the choice and decision that made, but not by MY side
I wanna keep the aspects, cuz some of em made me
But if they rotten, I shoot em if they fucking jade me

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