My past ain’t my present, I’m about to let it go
Like a pimp had to let go of his bottom ho
Cuz I’m tired of goin to sleep sad and without content
I look at the past and now I say no comment
Because it doesn’t define me, I define myself
I realize my necessity, me, nobody else
I’m selfless no longer, I have to care for self
It’s the cards I have, it’s the hand I’m dealt
I look at all the bullshit and I take a walk
In the other direction, tired of its stalk
I’m tired of the shadow that keeps on looming
I’m tired of the pessimism, I’m tired of being glommy
I’m me nigga, I’m me nigga, no matter what I’ll always be me nigga
Standin bold and tall on my figgas
No matter what, I’ll always be me nigga

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