6 years ago, I feared the world
All its twists and turns
All the boys and girls
People felt like fire, they always burned
A hole in my heart, one that I couldn’t fill
Until January 1, 2010 my heart was sealed
The desire to kill, bullet in the heart I drill
Spin my fist across your face faster than a windmill
That’s when I decided to let it all go and grow
To the world, my strength and courage I show
I grew from nothing to an evolution
Reppin things bigger than me was my solution
Leadership became my platform, Iota my path
Put these two together if ya can do the math
That in 6 years later, a fire, a vision, a purpose shown true
Never will I walk in my life feeling blue
That no matter what or where, from east to west coast
I boast, that I am a man, I am one. I am Los

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