Let me steal a beat real quick, from CLE3….

Speaking from the mind is so hard to do.
Because once you start speaking, your heart tries to stop the truth
The heart realizes that the truth can hurt
So, it tries to shut the mind down and defend the turf
And protect itself from the backlash the truth brings
And all the bells that the truth will ring
And now that I stand tall with my truth out
Knowing that it can put me down and out
For a minute, but before I know it, I’m on the rise
With those who truly love me, supporting me by my side
Because they are the only one who accept you without conditions
Who won’t disrespect you or trash you in their Twitter mentions
And won’t wonder about your vision since they’ll be in it
And will never push the negative emotions to the limit
They always got you, always can call them friends
They’ll stand by you, even when it is your end


Speaking from the heart can be done with ease
But logic and reason brings the heart to its knees
When your emotions go haywire, the mind reigns them in
But sometimes the thoughts need out instead of kept in
The more you contain it, the more you suppress
The moment that it comes out, so many people you’ll caress
I lament to those who speak their mind
Think with your heart first before you speak your mind
Rationalize what needs to be said, bide your time
Or you’ll regret what you say and leave loved ones behind
No matter what is said, no matter what is done
The words from either source hurt worse than a gun
If it is not trained, if it isn’t thought out
The words from the mind and heart will send your respect south.

inspired by Vybe Beatz – Only One

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