Loose Ends III

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Have you ever got tired of life and the things that hinder you from living it? Well, I promised myself that Loose Ends was going to be the last time I get as graphic, as intense, and harsh with my rhymes. I feel a need to bring it back for some reason. A need to bring back some things that need to get off my mind. I refuse to discuss people because I do not like being discussed. Rather I will talk about being solid with convictions, determination, morality, and who a person should be.

Loose Ends III – Defining the Definition
Date of Demo: 4/20/12, release 5/10/12

  1. Intro
  2. Defining
  3. Swing Back
  4. The Los
  5. Fishin for Friends
  6. A Recluse
  7. Larger than Life
  8. Off the Chain
  9. They Step to Me
  10. A Detour
  11. BITW II (Interlude)
  12. The End