I remember so many times I wanted to be you
When your bullshit was so obvious, it was see through
Transparent was the word, translucent was the thought
I couldn’t believe the petty goals that I sought
And I always was the one who claimed respect for myself
I did it better because all I did was be myself
I did it for myself, not for anyone else
Not because someone told me, but because how I felt
I always felt that I need it, my soul, can you feed it
My legacy of life, can you truly succeed it?

To human perfection which is living despite of sin
Which is the life I should live, since I’m born again
I made too many mistakes, so now I’m going back
To the man I was before my light went to black
You think I’m so caught up in where I am right now?
I believe I remember it all

I run through this life, just pretending to be perfect
Truth of it is that my mistakes begin to surface
I stopped trying to be perfect because so many said
That the idea of perfection was stupid in my head
But what they didn’t realize is that I gave it 110
To live a life so strong, yeah, I’m going in
I’m going in on the idea that perfection is God
So why fault me when I’m trying to be like God?
Should I not walk in his steps, ask him to guide
Humble myself before his glory, stand by his side?
I can’t be him, but I can try to a moral code
That can only be held by a man who is so bold
To live his life from Genesis to Revelation
And fall short, ask forgiveness, and show dedication


inspired by Drake – Club Paradise