I don’t feel guilty for what was said and what was done
The lyrics I wrote for this one wasn’t just for fun
Because the stress of life is too much for me to sit around
I had to get it off my chest, so I can lose my frown
My past is now behind me, and my present is going to change
Because it is what it is and it won’t be the same
I grew tired of petty drama and the simple game
My life’s in shambles and it’s up to me to arrange
All the little pieces and make them fit right
And throw away the unnecessary pieces in this fight
I’m done feeling sorry, and I’ve lost all my pity
Perhaps it’s truly time to move away from this city
Perhaps it’s time to end it and let it all go
And end this sorry little smoke and mirrors show
I hit the bottom and now it stares in my face
Perhaps for me, this is truly not my place……

inspired by Jussie Smollet – Sorry Just Don’t Cut It