I may get punished for my mistakes
Get my road straight
When that moment happens, watch these suckas hate
They like to see me fall
They like to watch me fail
Go against me and I’ll cause your ass hell
Because I hit the ground and then I keep running
Digging in the dirt, Los straight gunning
They dislike every step, diss every road
Pretend to be warm friends, when they’re just as cold
As that story that I was told when I was 21 years old
I can’t believe that load of garbage that I was sold
It took me years to stop self-doubting and self-loathing
And recognize the real wolf in sheep’s clothing
So I turn to my past and stare it in its face
I think it’s high time that I put it in its place
And put the story out there and not cower in fear
Because the truth is out there and I ain’t shedding a tear

inspired by Drake – Crew Love

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