I run through this life, just pretending to be perfect
Truth of it is that my mistakes begin to surface
I stopped trying to be perfect because so many said
That the idea of perfection was stupid in my head
But what they didn’t realize is that I gave it 110
To live a life so strong, yeah, I’m going in
I’m going in on the idea that perfection is God
So why fault me when I’m trying to be like God?
Should I not walk in his steps, ask him to guide
Humble myself before his glory, stand by his side?
I can’t be him, but I can try to a moral code
That can only be held by a man who is so bold
To live his life from Genesis to Revelation
And fall short, ask forgiveness, and show dedication

To human perfection which is living despite of sin
Which is the life I should live, since I’m born again
I made too many mistakes, so now I’m going back
To the man I was before my light went to black
You think I’m so caught up in where I am right now?
I believe I remember it all

Accept me for who I am, who I am is good enough?
It may be good enough for you, but for me it’s not enough
I see so much in me than what I now represent
I see the angels of life and death who were sent
I thought it was too early to see their descent
I get down on my knees and to God I repent
I ask for forgiveness of lust, lies, and fornication
Violent actions and past thoughts. Today it’s re-dedication
Forgiveness for thoughts of suicide and homicide
Truth of it is, I fell by the wayside
I don’t go consistently, because in the church I see heathens
So I chose that to be my true reason
That if I’m not protected in the home from home
I may as well take a risk in the world from home.
I don’t read as much, but on that computer I click
The things I see in the world make my soul sick
I see it now as the devil’s method to trick
My eyes and my mind, he thinks he slick
They drain me of my light, my desire to do right
My desire to keep my code and always fight
Against the world that I live in and only visiting for a spell
To test if my soul’s permanent home is heaven or hell.


Los, what you saying, what you trying to convey
I’m trying to say that today is truly the day
That you see who I am, and learn the truth
And you know who I am, now you finally have the proof
That what I stand for has always been larger
That the distance I travel will always be farther
The road I walk on is always less traveled
What was once a road of grass is now a road of gravel
I blow the rocks away and expose the barren ground
To plan the seeds of life, watch em grow all around
And reap what I sow, look at all my work
Cherish and enjoy it before I return to the dirt
Before I depart, my work will truly last
On my tombstone, life and death separated by a dash
I change what my dash means, and tell you what it means
It means I lived a life, chasing honest and aspiring dreams
I love who I am and love what I do
Especially to myself and my code I remain true
That code is no matter what, always fly right
Always keep it real, and always keep the fight
And know that every action is truly consequential
Live a life for God, because he is the real star
What you do when the sun is up shows your potential,
What you do when the sun is down shows who you are.



–inspired by Drake – Club Paradise

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