They said it was good enough to not be called perfect
But what they don’t know that it was all a surface
Because perfection is God and I’m only inching closer
As I continue to live life, leaning on HIS shoulders
I wanna see the heavens, which is my destination
So forgive me for stumbling towards my destination
I don’t need to be constantly reminded how I fell short
Or how many times I dropped the ball when it’s in my court
That’s the real definition of hypocrisy and contradiction
I forgot more success in my life than a single mention
What is known as your 100 is me on my worst day
Because when they made me is when they retired the clay
Tell me that you go harder and this is what I will say
Even a broke clock is right two times in a day
I keep pushing forward and forward past mistakes
To keep living my life, I just want to be great
I’m just riding round the city with my hood on and my windows down
Ask your girl, I’m the realest nigga she been around
When I pull up in something new and park it by the haters,
And when you get to talkin’ bout the greatest
I just really hope that (you’d think of me) [3x]
I’m doin my thing [3x]
(”˜Cause I’m trynna be unforgettable)

What’s good enough for you ain’t good enough for the flock
Please, get your ass to the board, I’ll pass you the chalk
So you can write your mistakes and the times you failed
And I’ll write right beside you and watch the board tell
That what I did in my timeline, anybody can respect
What I have in my life is what I want to protect
I fought hard to be accepted, hard to have a good rep
And trust when I say that it can’t be erased by a misstep
So don’t threaten to destroy what took me years to build
Stay in the pawn’s lane, I’m the king of this hill
I climbed each inch, even when the life was tough
Honestly, I had to truly question if the effort is good enough
Because of the precedence I set and the standard that I hold
I looked at my life, name a time where I said, “I fold.”
Degree, running a frat, career, got my own, it’s good enough
When I say I want more, I get it, that’s good enough


inspired by Drake – Unforgettable

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