You can thank the pen and pad for everything I spit
And every lyric I wrote, trust me you can commit
Me to the lyrics I rhyme, and the time that I spent
Truth of it is, I saw the angels that God sent
So I’m about to come clean and let these people know
The true story behind what is the ‘Los Show’
It’s May 26th and I’m done playing patty cake
Done playing hopscotch, done being fake
I got a notion that I will push harder and harder in my grind
And to live life strong till the end of time
I made so many mistakes, but one I keep making
While I keep on giving, others keep on taking
I now close my giving hand, I know it’s so hard
For a pleaser to stop playing his giving card
What many don’t know is that through life I wasn’t liked
So when people showed me love, man, I was so psyched
And every time I wrote it and every time I did it
Every time I recite it, I fell in love as I spit it
So for the 10th time I went in on my life
And the struggles that made life a crazy fight
From the alcohol to the weights, trying to keep it straight
And the malice in my life that prevented me from being great
Don’t forget about my choices that I made and the secrets to the grave
And the pressure in my heart that make my chest cave
When I think about the time and I think about my rhyme
I write it for the 10th time that I leave my past behind
People walk through life and ask why they don’t hear from me
Just know that I’m okay, and I’m being the best I can be
I’m correcting my life while maintaining my grind
But there was some shit in life that had to be left behind
I want to reclaim who I was before sex, lies, frat, and peer pressure
When the code I lived by, only God could measure

-inspired by Drake – Thank Me Now

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