Got these blurred lines, need to make em straight
Living a wrong life, so I’m about to make it great
Who I’m fucking kidding, my life has been great
It’s that weak nigga thinking it’s too late
To tighten loose ends, gotta do it again
Looking at this life, it’s hard to not go in
On every fake nigga who says that he clutch
When you less clutch than my girl’s pink clutch
I blurred the line between hood and a degree
Now here’s the obvious line that you see
In every single album and every single rhyme
How often has it been said, count the times
That I set fire to the roof when I grab a mic
And say the ish that make you think, “Damn he’s right.”
So listen to the lines I bring to the table
I tell no lie, no myth, no fable


I’m about whatever man
Fuck what they be talkin’ about,
They opinion doesn’t count,
We the only thing that matters (ooh)
So we do it how we do it
All up in your face, man, I hate to put you through it
I be up all night,
Whole crews in here
Cause I don’t really know who I’m a lose this year (ow)
Man I love my team.
Man I love my team
I would die for them niggas, ow

I be lying when I said this took me all night
But then again this ish is natural, am I right?
Putting lines together just to make em rhyme
So what should I do now to bide my time
I should tell you how many times I got pissed off
Or the time that I nearly slit my wrist off
What about that time I thought to drop the weight
Square on my neck, bet that line would be straight
Or drive the Nissan off the nearest water bridge
Or blot the ink in the blood a little smidge
There’s only 2 times that I thought of suicide
And all 2 times, I realized life is worth the ride.
I changed my outlook and changed all my friends
Reset my life and simply began again
So for all those in the past who got left
I saw the blurred line and I corrected it myself


inspired by Drake – Up All Night

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