Another Level 3

Another Level 3 is the 9th lyrical release of LosEvolution, continuing the style from Another Level.



After writing Another Level and AL2, I kept feeling that there was more out there. Another Level 3 evolved from that. I borrowed some work from AL2 and expanded that, along with some original lyrics. I wanted to tell stories about my rhyme style, as well as my life. Another Level 3 is my way of doing that. I wrote a lot of material and began to just blend it until it made sense. I didn’t put a hard stop on this until I felt like I exhausted the concept. 


  1. Loose Ends
  2. Another Level
  3. Brokenhearted
  4. Believe Me
  5. Coming Clean
  6. Unrestrained
  7. No Limits
  8. Unleashed
  9. Fin