The Difference 3 Letters Make

Since it’s Greek Week, a lot of people may wonder, “Why Iota or why Greek altogether?”

  • Respect?
    Actually, to be Greek does not guarantee respect. A person has to respect him or herself before considering being Greek.
  • Importance?
    No matter who you are in life, you are always important to yourself, regardless of what anyone thinks.
  • Uniqueness
    There are billions of people in the world. Uniqueness is in the individual, not what group he or she belongs to. What makes me unique is my personality……and the fact that people think I’m pretty fun. (I hope, LOL)
  • So WHY?!
    That is the answer you have to ask yourself. What can you do for the organization, and what can it do for you? It is not what organization is popular, or what organization is cheaper or more expensive. It is what can be brought to the table from both sides, you and that organization.

To me, Iota Phi Theta® is about giving back. For years, this life has given me so many opportunities to do one thing: to live. Being Greek is a fun, yet exhausting experience. It brings a realization that life is no longer about yourself. It is what you can do for anyone else. Humility is used as much as possible because everything I do is not for me. It is for the family, friends, and associates who stand by me day in and day out, it is for the letters that came into existence in 1963, and most of all, it is for God who made it all possible.



The Difference 3 Letters Make
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