My Grandma, Part of the Foundation

When a person’s origin is traced, you see the backbone
The reason behind his strength, the reason he is strong
7/31/39, a day where this strength started
3/1/07, was the day that this strength parted
A loving grandmother, a great motivation
Emphasizing life, happiness, spirituality and education

The centerpiece of a big family, one that she loved
Now she takes her rightful place, right above
Her spirit remains, living through the lives she touched
To myself, I hope she knows that she mattered very much
Grandma, you were my foundation, the origin of my focus
A real inspiration, straightforward, without any hocus pocus
To realize that you are gone, ripped out a part of me
Knowing that your smile is one thing I will no longer see

Because of you, I have aunts and uncles who are loving and true
A father who is my image, and cousins that never make my day blue
You taught me the love of family, to always respect those who deserve it
To always live life with all enthusiasm, never to conserve it

67 years long, 67 years of dedication
20 years you were my grandma, always giving words of motivation
Though you are at peace, I know nothing much to say but this
That you no longer have to say that your knees hurt because of arthritis
My heart goes out to you, thanking you for everything you done
And I do thank God that you are always my grandma, because I’ll never stop being your grandson

RIP Grandma
Martha Rae Haynes
July 31, 1939 ”“ March 1, 2007

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