Here’s the rules to get ya face hit
#1 sayin come at me with the bullshit
It’s the one thing to tell ya how it really goin down
#2 sayin keep runnin your mouth like a clown
#3 sayin jokin about the wrong thing ain’t jokin
Cuz I’ll sneak up behind ya, with the gat to back, pokin
#4 sayin just step up with the offense
Easily leave ya in the ground, no freakin comments
#5 sayin to be a mothafuckin stunt
Teach ya a lesson how to be a fuckin front


1-5 should show where you need to be
1-5 should show ya where you need to go
1-5 is fuck with C-Los you see
that 1-5 is all I need to be
the one and only Carlos, no need to see
That little nigga Los, who he gonna be
A little nigga talkin that bullshit
Shit like that will get ya face hit

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