iOS 7 Countdown 9/18/13

Millions are waiting (some impatiently) for the release of Apple’s flagship phone OS, iOS 7.

The screen in your pocket dominates all the others in your life. It wakes you up in the morning, checks the traffic, and tells you the best way to get to work. It lets you read your email (or play Candy Crush) during meetings, find a lunch spot, schedule a recording on your DVR, and read the day’s news before you doze off at night. That means even tiny changes to mobile operating systems are hugely important. And big ones? Well, if you’re one of the hundreds of millions of people out there with an iPhone, check your pocket. Apple’s new iOS 7 represents the most substantial change to the iPhone since it started supporting third-party apps. But as dramatic as the update may look, it doesn’t go far enough functionally.

So, get ready to press that Upgrade button!!!

Below are the times of the release



See a live stream from @chrispirillo!



New update: 12:04pm CST

showtime! Downloading on my phone now!


For the impatient while downloading, see a live stream here, provided by Chris Pirillo ( &