I Want XYZ But: Thoughts on Gym and Life

Random thought while reading the Animal Owner’s Manual….

“you can’t teach a man to be a leader.”,

I read this and it truly hit me. I realized why I always feel like I have to go all in on the things I do.

I Want XYZ But…The Gym

Boy, I remember when I started. Mainly I was going along with a few friends, trying to play keep-up and match what was being shown to me. That got boring and went downhill faster than a rolling tire. It was not until January when something went off in my head. I wanted size, but I did not know what I was doing wrong in the gym. I found out that it was not the work in the gym that was the problem. It was my dedication outside. The diet had to change, as well as the rest. Also there was the drive to go to the limit. A lot of guys want the size, but they are too damn scared to pick up the weight. Screw the machines, grind the iron until you cannot do it anymore. Put your maximum into the workout and the maximum results WILL come.

I Want XYZ But…Life

I wanted success, but I was too damn scared of failing. So, when risks came around, I was too passive. It was not until I was told I was too passive and even lazy when I realized, sometimes you have to point the 6-shooter to the head and play Russian Roulette. Good thing is that the bullets do not kill you in this version. You live, you learn, you keep pushing.

So how many times YOU have said, “I want” and the word “but” was attached to it?