The amount of times you hear “No” is nothing compared to a single “Yes”.


Our world is shrouded by a variation of the word, “No”. Stop me if you have heard any of the following before:

How can a single, “Yes,” change all of that?

I know I have a lot of readers that relate to one major example of the dreaded job or scholastic interview phase or simply the application point. Hearing a “Yes” or “No” changes the perspective, depending on which one it is. A “Yes” gets you employed. A “No” gets you employed. “Yes” means you can ease back on job interviews. “No” means you should double up on the interviews. Either way, you are employed and still in the chase. Keep chasing until you get the income, the job, and the culture that you want.

In life, you can hear the word “No” a million times. Do not let it stop you in your destiny. Let them inspire you and find your “Yes!”

Have you found the “Yes” in parts of your life? If so, feel free to share!

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