How Digital Marketing is Used in Different Industries

In terms of diversity, there are multiple ways to carry out digital marketing plans such as search engine optimization, social media, and influencer marketing.

As such, here are some of the ways digital marketing is used in different industries:


Health providers usually offer services, so the best way to entice people to purchase their services is to show that they work. One way to do this is to share feedback from other patients. Forrest General Hospital, which is based here in Mississippi, does this by sharing patient testimonies on its website and social media platforms, highlighting the effectiveness of its medical services, and communicating its reputation to the public.

To create a strong brand online, these medical institutions sometimes publish blog posts on their websites to show off their expertise. Indian-based healthcare provider CARE Hospitals is a very good example of this. Their blog posts also allow their website to rank higher on Google, which many locals turn to for health-related answers. Plus, Google just happens to be the most visited website in the country, increasing its visibility.


Fans are usually a major part of a sports team’s success. They pay to watch games, buy merchandise, and provide overall support. The sports industry often uses social media to interact with its fans and promote teams. A great example is how Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo uses his Instagram account to rally support for his team, Manchester United. He posts photos of training days, on-field action, and bits from his personal life to keep fans engaged as well as to promote his many brands and endorsement deals.

Sports events also do a lot of digital marketing, especially when they’re aiming to sell thousands of tickets online. In 2016, the Paralympics, which is the biggest sporting event for athletes with disabilities, once invited people to watch their Brazil-wide torch relay online via YouTube. It has inspired a lot of people, even those who have never heard of the event, to watch the actual games online via platforms that provided access, such as NBCOlympics.com and the NBC Sports app.


It’s difficult to market food without customers smelling or tasting them. However, it’s possible to make them crave them by taking beautiful food pictures and posting them on social media platforms like Instagram. Modern Market is a US-based eatery that serves nutritious food that people usually assume is bland. To combat this image, they post visually stunning photos of their dishes created with fresh-looking ingredients to make them look appetizing.

Another strategy used in the food industry is online events. Depending on what stuff you offer, you can do anything from an online cooking class to virtual mixers. Philadelphia-based restaurant White Dog does this often by inviting people to take part in their virtual cocktail mixing sessions.


There are plenty of ways to market a school; it just depends on the aspects the people in charge would like to highlight. For example, Trinity-Pawling, an all-boys school in New York, loves to show off how pretty its campus is by uploading drone shots of the area.

Native advertising is another way schools promote themselves. This refers to a type of digital marketing strategy that matches the content of the platform where it appears, therefore not making it look paid at all! In 2017, UC Berkeley once published a sponsored post in the San Francisco Chronicle to increase awareness of their program offers. The article was framed as a career advice piece that contained multiple links to the school’s website.

Digital marketing has become more prominent at present, with different industries taking advantage of its reach and many applications. It has become effective in promoting modern products and services, which is why many use it and will continue to do so in the future.

Exclusively written for losevolution.com by Jade Bradley