Destiny | Bye Bye Gjallarhorn

Well, the Gjallarhorn is still important in Destiny, for now.

This week in Destiny, Xur, the mysterious merchant that appears once a week to peddle exotic weapons and armor, is selling the horn.

The rocket launcher is part of Xur’s latest inventory refresh and marks the second time the weapon has been sold. Although it isn’t particularly useful in PvP, the weapon bestows significant advantages in PvE, even allowing players to solo high-level raids and make short work of bosses such as Crota.

Xur can be found at the bar near the jukebox, and his Gjallarhorn is being sold for 17 Strange Coins.

What Could This Mean?

I would assume that the exotic and rarely dropped weapon will not have the same usefulness in The Taken King. If it would, Xur would NOT be selling, as this is only the 2nd time of the sell.

Bye bye to those elite groups that try to use the Gjallarhorn as a rite-of-passage…and here I am with 3 of them. (Two from Crota’s End, and one from Vault of Glass.) I actually made an exotic shard out of a 4th dropped from the Prison of Elders Level 32 chest.