Deadly storms, tornadoes kill more than 170 in South

Deadly storms, tornadoes kill more than 170 in South – LA Times


(Source: WBRC)

Mississippi was hit hard with the storm killing 32 people, but from this picture and news, Alabama had the worst. At least 128 people were killed yesterday as the storm and tornadoes ripped through the south. The tornado barely missed several campus, including the University of Mississippi and the University of Alabama, although several off-campus housing complexes were damaged or destroyed.

Power lines, caved in buildings, destroyed homes…..all in an instant as greater than 60MPH winds came through the south. It was a moment of darkness and for some that moment lasted an instant. While at the University of Mississippi, the students who were on campus saw dark clouds, intense winds, and flooding rain, while others saw horrible things that will last them a lifetime.

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