Crutches and Hindrances

Unstoppable was the persona, unrelenting was the attitude, and unbreakable was the focus. A lot has changed over the past few years as I realize my mortality and my weaknesses. I sit here, feeling weaker and stronger at the same time. I feel my past pain and my present weaknesses crowding my heart, preventing my focus. I’m at a point where it’s a make or break for my life. I have to succeed in everything at this point, there’s no option for failure. Success is already there and no point on blaming life circumstances. Shit happens.

I can look on all the things that have happened in my life and say, “I’m doing great, considering the things I’ve been through.”, I remember one of my friends say, “I’m surprised that you didn’t quit school after all the stuff you’ve been through, Los. You deserve a break, but the only problem is you never give yourself one.”, I always had a response of focus and things holding me back from said focus. Whether it’s family, personal, physical, or even mental things, there was always an excuse, a complaint, a moan, a crutch. Crutches for people who need help walking with broken legs. I don’t think mine are broken. Well, I do think ankle surgery will come, but that’s another point for later.

Point is that the things in life cannot be used as a crutch because life is like a river. It flows continuously. The things that happen are just stones thrown in the water to create ripples. What will YOU do with those ripples: let them stop your flow, or keep flowing?