One step, two step, three step, four
Looking at life, can’t take the shit no more
Tired of the petty shit, tired of insignificance
Looking at the old shit, tossing it ova the fence
Tired of people saying the same old shit
Tired of being at bat without a ball to hit
Tired of compassion, tired of being one-sided
This emotion is strong, no point to hide it

One Step at a time is the way to do this
During this step, hope to see what the truth is
Hoping to see the answer to this season
I know things happen for a reason, but what is that reason?

What is the reason for the flow? What is the reason for my style?
Is it because I feel my writing is my shot to go wild?
Perhaps it’s true that I write like I speak
Hoping that my lyrics will have an extended reach.
But maybe the time has come for me to step up to a mic
And show these other MCs how to rock it right
How to say some things with quality since I’m on my grind
But I need to slow my life down and keep it one step at a time.

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