Hey man, you made your point, let me make mine.

For what??? You had about 8 albums for it and all I got was 3. Just because my point stronger you wanna interject?
Fine lil nigga, lay it all on the table.

I lay all my cards down, I lay it all on the table
Telling no lies, no myths, no fables
What all you did was hurt people with your words
Telling all the stories that didn’t need to be heard
But the truth is out there and now we gotta suffer
Truth behind is that we got one life, not another
Opportunity to relive, opportunity to retry
Now that it’s all out there, all we can do is die
I tried to conceal all the truth to protect them all
When all you did was cause my downfall
Caused my pain to double in intensity and might
Wasted my ammunition, I got nothing in the fight
Now all I can do is hang the white flag
What happened to all the strength, now the story is sad
It’s a shame that it’s gone all in smoke
As I watch the life burn, pray as I choke

So that’s it? Watch it burn huh?
I got water for it, that’s all I’ve been doing.

Hope that ain’t all the cards, you got a sorry hand
I’m the dealer and it’s time to fold your hand
It’s time to let the life go and watch me control
I’ll show you how to play with punches as they roll
You gotta duck and dodge, quit getting hit in the face
When people try to test you, put their asses in place
You do it with respect, but stand your fucking ground
Do it with a smile and never with a frown
You kept getting mad at shit that you can control
When all you needed to do was make em know their role
You’re better than all the mess because of the way you blessed
But you let all the drama roll off your chest
When all you needed to do was speak above the mess
Speak above the mess, settle for nothing less
Than the best you can manage, the best you put out
Stop believing everything that come out of people’s mouth
Because a lie goes farther than the simple truth
Since one lie makes for 10 truths and that’s the truth
Because a lie goes farther than the simple truth
Since one lie makes for 10 truths and that’s the truth

We’ll see what happens at judgement..we’ll see who’s right
Damn right we’ll see, I know how this story ends.

Why do you think it’s going to end in your favor.
Who said anything about my favor? I just want a correct end. Remember…I had no problem carrying you. You just got too weak.

I ain’t weak man.
Trust me when I say this, you weak. Drop of a dime, you get pissed! WHY? What that gonna do? What that gonna change?

But look at you pissed.
DAMN RIGHT I’m PISSED! Your fuck ups making me fuck up! Your screw ups making me screw up! We in this together, now I’m telling you we need to change places.


–inspired by Vybe Beatz – ThinkingOfYou

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