Being Concerned with Mere Cosmetics Instead of the Interior

To be honest, a person cannot see how he or she looks. The person does not know the facial expressions shown to the world. One cannot take out the eyes and observe the body. The only thing a person can see is his or her own hands, feet, & anything that is relatively in the front of the person. As for the face, the only way to see it is through reflections. Mirrors, pictures, etc.

With this idea in mind, a person never actually knows what truly lies within unless a search is started. Think about it. As a group of people, we’re so analytical about our appearance. Trying to get that hair just right, getting that right shave, that fresh line, making sure the curl curls up the right way. The list goes on and on. Wonder if people are so analytical about the way they live their lives.

Some people look at their lives through a microscope, others rarely take the time to analyze their lives. Some even look at life through a microscope at its highest magnification setting. This is the aspect of looking within. A person does not have to be too critical. Just take the time and look for a few seconds.

Sometimes what is discovered will be the unexpected, surprising to the discoverer and anyone who witnesses the discovery. Instead of looking in the mirror, look within. Find out if that person in the mirror is a true reflection.